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Brokers Love the Boatsville Network

The Boatsville Network's aggressive marketing strategies, broad exposure through strong network partnerships, and top search engine ranking, drives more motivated buyers to your listings than any single site online.




Broad Exposure

The Boatsville network will give each of your listings more than twice the visual exposure of the largest single used boat classifieds site. The combined "width" of the Boatsville Network is stronger and more effective than the "depth" of even the largest boating classified site in catching buyers throughout the internet.


When you upload a boat to the Boatsville Network it is instantly uploaded to all the sites in the entire network. If you need to edit a boat for any reason, edit it once and that edit is updated throughout the network as well. So whether you are changing a price or adding a special, there is no need to do the work over and over again.

Free boat uploads for qualified Brokers/Dealers

Plus, the Boatsville Network offers something no other site does! If you qualify, (you probably do) we will upload your boat inventory for FREE! And we offer very low cost services to keep all your boats up to date and consistent with other classified sites even if they are not in the Boatsville Network.

Search Engine Effectiveness

Boatsville Network Partners are top ranked in the most popular search engines for terms boaters use most often to find boats. Research shows that people all search very differently from one another. They use a variety of search terms and methods. Being strong in just one term or one search engine is just not good enough. The Boatsville Network is strong because it's Network partners are as diverse as the people who visit them. This means that the search engines will lead buyers to your boats no matter how the buyer searches.

How to Get Started as a Boatsville Network Broker/Dealer

The first step is to set up your basic business account. Once you do you will be able to quickly add and manage your boat listings. Special features contained in the Boatsville Network Tool Box include:

  • The ability to mange your contact information including;
    • Multiple sales personnel contacts
    • Multiple e-mail accounts
    • Multiple phone numbers
  • Each boat listing can be quickly set up in as little as two minutes with drop downs for assigning different sales contacts for each boat.
  • Each boat listed has its own stats that show: The number of times it has been viewed, The number of requests for contact information, and the number of times prospects have e-mailed you.
  • Modifying the price or other information is as easy as a few clicks, and remember any edits are instantly updated on all sites in the network!
  • Boat listings can be marked sold with the click of a button to prevent unwanted calls or e-mails.
  • Boat listings can even be hidden and unhidden with the click of a button.


Once you set up your account a Boatsville sale representative will contact you to verify and activate the account.

How much will this cost our Brokerage or Dealership?

Boatsville has very competitive rates based on the volume of boats you intend to move.

Our rates are as follows:

# of boats displayed Month to Month Rate Yearly Rate
1-10 boats $49.95 $295
11-24 boats $59.95 $395
25-50 boats $69.95 $495
50-100 boats $79.95 $595
100+ boats Call for quote Call for quote


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