What is the Boatsville Network?

The Boatsville Network is a collection of boating related websites that present new and used boat classified ads to quality boat buyers. This network of sites not only goes deep (with over 40,000 new and used boats) but wide across many various internet sites that reach boat buyers using a variety of methods and styles.

Why Brokers & Dealers Love the Boatsville Network

Boat Dealers Love the Boatsville Network
  • When a boat is uploaded or edited, It instantly updates across all websites in the network.
  • The Boatsville Network reaches buyers where they live, work, and play on the internet, not just on boat listing sites.
  • A wider net catches more fish...
    A wider network catches more search engine results
  • Best of all, for qualified brokers, we will upload all of your boats and keep your listings updated.

Why Sellers Love the Boatsville Network

Boat Sellers Love the Boatsville Network
  • For one low cost, your ad is instantly broadcast across multiple boating related websites in the network
  • Your boat stays up until it sells
  • NO reoccurring monthly charges
  • 100% money back Guarantee

Why Partners Love the Boatsville Network

Partners Love the Boatsville Network
  • Dramatically increase the quantity of used boats for sale, instantly!
  • Adds a new revenue stream without any management or hassle
  • Elevates credibility and professionalism of their websites
  • Greatly improves search engine results of their entire website.

Why Advertisers Love the Boatsville Network

Advertisers Love the Boatsville Network
  • Ads are placed where buyers are looking, not in places usually ignored.
  • Ads are broadcast throughout the entire network.
  • Advertisers choose to pay based on per click or per view.
  • Ads are larger than standard web ad sizes, allowing better branding and more room for information.


Here's some nice things some of our customers had to say:

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am I found your site. I tried boattrader first. Their prices are high, their site is difficult to work with, & I got no results. Then I found your site. Your prices are fair, the site is easy to work with & I have had numerous inquiries about my boat. I have a check in my pocket now from the sale. Thanks a million. I will recommend you to all my boating friends.-Ron B.
"I just wanted to thank you for the super support on my boat sale. I spent a lot of money paying for local advertisements, put ads up in the post office, etc. And yet, the most effective advertising I had going for me was through the Boatsville.com website! I've had twice as many inquiries through your site than any other and, thanks to my Boatsville ad, just sold my 1995 Sea Ray 175BR for exactly what I listed it for. Today was a good day!-Ellis S., Yorktown, VA
"Thanks for all your help. In the mere 2 weeks we got the boat on line, I had 36 hits. What a great website you have, I will refer it to my friends/others who have boats, looking to sell or buy! -Cheryl, Denver, CO
"Thanks again! That was the fastest i have ever sold a boat , and for the the price that i wanted for it!-Doug B., MI
""This is to inform you that two of your boat listings have been sold! The 18'LUND of [email protected] has been sold to a Boatsville inquiry. Thanks for the support in my sale. I also bought a boat from your listings. It is another 18' LUND offered for sale by Mr. Page from Omaha, NE. I picked the boat up yesterday, and I delivered mine to a buyer from Ohio earlier in the week. I'm sure Mr. Page is happy with his sale also. The two boats sold at a price of 95% of listed asking price. Not bad!!!! Thanks again. -Jack B., Madison, WI

All quotes listed are actual testimonies of real Boatsville Network customers :-)